Early Years of Farside music club, Leicester

Farside began on 13 October 2002 at Bar Nova, moving into the Y Theatre January 2003.

Here are the features starting with the earliest:

Pete Morton/ John Obokoh/ Black Family/ Helen Swann/ Stringfellas/ Red Leicester Choir/ Joel Evans/ Sheila Mosley and Hamid/ Look My Shop/ Kevin Hewick/ Andy Griffiths/ Drums Please (Angola, Congo and Zimbabwe) C.C. Gibson/ Carole Palmer/ Orchestra of Wishes/ Le Cod Afrique/ Doctor Len's Blues and Jazz collective/ Jon Cank/ 'NoRuz/ Newruz/Newroz' special/ Carole Leeming/ James Tarling/ Lazarus Three/ Fatari (Angola)/ Steve Parker/ Roger Wilson/ Leicester Irish Traditional Ensemble/ Chloe Singer/ Katie Skilling/ Paul Moore/ Bernard Hoskins / Nizlopi/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys/ Mellow Harmony/ Chris and Cloud (Zimbabwe)/ Rahnavaz (tar, tombak, daf, santour)/ Hamid and Majid/ Drums Please/ One World/ Carl Peberdy and Manvir Singh/ Chris Conway/ Table Nine/ Roger Pugh and Mick Oxtoby/ Highly Strung/ Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ James Brown and friends/ Hawker and Saad Skatz/ Alex Sutton/ Stiff Naked Fools/ Raul Kounkou/Robbie Murphy/ Sally Barker/ Elizabeth Josephs/ Ebrahim/ Paulo Carnoth / Sam Cornwell and John Davis / Dan Britton and friends / Steve Thomason/ Greenshoots Youth/ Steve Cartwright/ Bob Dayfield/ Out of Karma/ Tony Jones/ Francis Binns/

16th October 2003: *Special first birthday concert* Performances by people amongst those who contributed during the first year    Rita Pereira/ One World/ Chris and Cloud/ Nizlopi /Alim Maihan and Durgesh Parmar/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys

Derrick Pearce (Banjo Dez)/ Offshoots/ Will Parfitt/ Drums Please/ East Midlands Gas/ Dawson Smith and Paddy/ The Havenots/ Claudia Schoeftner/ Carlton Curtis and the Roamers Andy Sechi/ Red Stripe / No Fixed Abode/ Fat Freddy's Cat/ Sid Long/ Durgesh Parmar Lochlan O'Grady/ Andrew Cheffings/ Andy Richardson and friends/ Les Elus Gospel Choir/ Roger Pugh / BBC Leicester Online Jukebox:Butterfly Polite/ James Tarling/ Sawan/ Sheila Mosley and Pete Burnham/ Andy Stirton/ US Country Folk/ Terry Hutchins/ Roger Wilson/ Sudhir Kotecha/ The Philes/ Kevin McCourt/ Unida Rhythmics/ Neil Segrott and friends/ Treehouse/ Pretik Veitha and Carl Peberdy/ Vikki Clayton/ Richard Groom/ Judith Silver/ Alisha Sufit/ Bridget & Adele McMahon/ Graham Summers/ Jagtar / Kevin Buxton + Kontra Band / Notts Alliance/ John Montague/ Unida Rhythmique The Bobby McGees/ Christian Laverick/ Mellow Harmony/ African Dream/ Christopher Moody Alex Sutton & Nikki Cartwright/ Pete Smith & John Buckley/ Bob Dayfield Kevin Hewick/ Dave Kirk/ Dan Britton/ Kate Easton + friends/ Babak/ Tony Jones/Tinkers Damn Small World/ /Ken Wilson & Friends/Chris Conway & The Planet Scanners/ James Brown/ Pacific Ocean Fire/ Club O/ Toucan Jim / Jan and Ellie and friends/ Tom and George / Eddie Murphy/ Corey/ Rega Band (Kurdish musicians)/Bakanalia Scollobotti/ Sally Hossack/ The Havenots/ Alternative Medicine/ Favell & Lavender/ Jake Manning/ Coriander Helen/ Harkesh and friends/ Mick Bisiker and Nigel Ward/ C-Section/ The Fanciest (David Soden & B-Boy J)/ Leicester Y Drum Clinic/ Butterfly Polite/ Tim Leffman/ Annie Williamson/ Reko Reko/ Pretik and Hiran/ Jenny and Jeremy/ Elaine Croft/ John Wortley and the Tea Mokeys/ Andi Sechi/ Bakhtear/ Kerry Orange + Pete Bogg/ Bob Tibbits/ Mark Newman Sean Taylor/ Fat Freddy's Cat/ Charlie Post/ Gren Bartley/ Dead Cowboy Culture/ Shelley + Natasha/ Simon Clancy/ Butterfly Polite/ Russ Merryfield/ Farhad/ Paula Driver/ Peter Wyeth/ Andy Stirton/ Joel Owen/ Nisha Raichura/ Rae Spoon/ Dawson Smith & The Exiles/ Inisfree (Serena Anderson & Patrick Devine-Wright)/ Andy Hopkins

Renamed Farside 2 - September 2007.  Still at Y Theatre:

Andy Griffiths/ Harbour lights (aka One Big Sky)/ Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ Sally Hossack/ Gren Bartley/ Inisfree/ Downriver/ Easy Sundays/ One Big Sky/ Tracy Tierney/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys/ Kuziwa 'the Stickman'/ Rigsby and the Moorsiders/ Keith Butler/ Oli Dickinson/ Stef Seniuk/ Chris Gibson/ Gordon King feat. Kick Conspiracy/ Martin Newman/ Sheila Mosley/ Jake Manning/ Butterfly Polite/ Dave Letts/ Northern Quarter/ The Gadjos/  Bredfruit/ Becca O'Hara/ Bingo Little/ Jake Manning/ Vivien Richardson and Friends/ Lippy/ Polestar/ Steve Parker/ Richard Groom/ Chris Ricketts/ Eddie Parker/ Dave Letts/ Eddie Parker/ Rigsby/ The Mad March Hares/ Mark Taylor/ Andy Prescott/ Kevin and Kev/ Yellowbelly/ The Daydream Club/ Rob Halligan/ Matti Wilson/ Chris Gibson/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Chris Conway/ (Chloe Vaughan/ Andy Stirton/ @ the Criterion) Vivien Richardson and friends/ No Fixed Abode/ (Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra @ the Criterion) / Matti Wilson/ Larry Hanks/ RosarsicTim Sketchley/


Sheila Mosley

Dust and Debris

Careen Sheila Mosley Dust & Debris

Fabrika and other venues from Sep. 2010 to 2011:

Leah and Jenny/ Steve Parker/ Naseby Crossing/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys/ Christopher Foley/ Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ Kenny Wilson/ Kevin and Kev/ Andy Prescott/ Chris Gibson/ Michael Gerard/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ (Markus Reeves/ The Smokeys/ Kenny Wilson and friends/ @ the Soundhouse) Kevin with friends/ Paul Walker/ (Mark Elliot/ Megan Jones/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ @El AperitivoFingerprint/ Tim Sketchley and Andy Prescott/ Martha Bean/ Andy Stirton/ (Sally Hossack/ Paul Carden/ Vivien Richardson and friends/  @ the Soundhouse) Carole Palmer/ Paul Carden/ Shed Boat Shedd/ (Fay Brotherhood/ Sheila Mosley/ Steve Parker/ Carole Palmer/ @El Aperitivo) Siobhan Mazzei/ Leah and Jenny/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys/ (Martha Bean/ Lottie Magee/  Chris Conway/ P P Dog/ Mark Elliot/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Prue/ Tim Sketchley and Andy Prescott/ Siobhan Mazzei  @El Aperitivo )  (Red Herrings: Kate Easton with Mo Coulson and Sam Watts/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Jessica Louise @La Vida) (Fay Brotherhood with Lee Burns/ Andy Stirton/ Vivien Richardson and Friends/ Weikie  @El Aperitivo) (Jessica Louise/ Theo Miller/ Kevin and Tim/ Northern Quarter/ Victor @ African-Caribbean Centre - Mar. 2012) (Tim Sketchley/ Jake Manning/ Carole Palmer @ La Vida)  (Theo Miller/ Becca O'Hara/ Lisa de'Ville with Mel @ El Aperitivo)  (Red Herrings/ KC Jones Duo/ Eddie Parker/ Sheila Mosley with Pete Burnham @ La Vida)  (Ruby Doos/ Mike Gerard and Tim Sketchley  @ Manhattan34)  (Rosedale Crossing/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Rebecca Czechowicz and David Mottram/ Naomi Perera/ Becky WoolmanRuthie Coles/ The N'Ukes/ Vivien Richardson and Friends/ Scarlet Fix/ Jason Smith @ El Aperitivo)  (KC Jones Duo/ James Heathen/ Greg and Tonia/ John Fryer @ Manhattan34)

Yesim from 2011 to 2012:

Tim Sketchley/ Khamil Amin/ Highly Strung/ Initial Thought/ Kevin McCourt/ Jake Manning and the Mutineers/  Oval IrisDust and Debris (feat. Les Eastham)/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Grace Jenkinson/  Sheila Mosley/ Matti Wilson/ KC Jones Duo/ Lee Spencer/  Jenny Billington with Lee Spencer/  Brassick Bears/ The Silver Threetles/ Speakeasy/  Jake Manning and the Mutineers/  Anna Purver/ The Smokestacks Initial Thought/  Ian Bourne/  Elliot Hollingsworth & Courtney Askey/  Careen Ruthie Coles/  Ian McKie/ Carlos Stein (Lord of the Loops) John Fryer

Earlier Special Events

"Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - September 2014:   Abandon Her/ Matt Henshaw/ The N'Ukes/ Celia Wilding (comedy)/ Northern Quarter/ Bruce Edhouse (comedy)/ Sophie Percival/ Martin French/ Mia and the Moon/ Initial Thought/ Anna Purver      artist info page

  "Music at The Green Place",  Sileby - June 2014:   Jaipur School Orchestra/  Careen/  Grace and the Magic Roots/  Vivien Richardson and Friends John Fryer/  Carlos Stein (Lord of the Loops)/  Bellatones/  Anna Purver/  Rhett Barrow/  Les Eastham/  Becky Edwards/  En Route         artist info page

"Music at The Green Place", Green Place, Sileby - September 2013:   John Hoffman/ Becca O'Hara/ Tim Sketchley/ Sheila Mosley with Paddy Hodgkinson/ Corinne Lucy/ Tony Alles/ Daniel Nicholas (comedy)/  Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra/ Patrick Draper (comedy)/ Kristy Gallacher/ Becky Woolman/ Matt Henshaw/ Rosedale Crossing/ / Cats Charis
Artist info page

"Music at The Green Place", Green Place, Sileby - June  2013:  Andy Prescott/ Kevin McCourtBecky Edwards/ Red Herrings/  Jake Manning Single Bass Elizabeth Cornish with Jason Skinner Vivien Richardson and Friends The N'Ukes/  The Silver Threetles Not So Big Band (plus Karen & Chelsea, Karen & Alice, Aaron Stratton)
Artist info page

Acoustic Night at African Caribbean Centre - October 2012:  Vivien Richardson & friends/ Ruby Doos/ Sheila Mosley/ Ian Bourne/ Tim Sketchley

"Music in the Garden", Green Place, Sileby - September 2012:   Julie Wright's Sileby Slappers,  KC Jones Duo, Honora Paris, The N'ukes/ Refuge/ Ian Bourne/ The Simpletones/ Siobhan Mazzei/ Accidental(plus Julie and Phil)

"Music in the Garden", Green Place, Sileby - June 2012:  Leah and Jenny/ Steve Parker/ The Paddywax/ Dream/ Grace and the Magic Roots/ Kristy Gallacher/ Refuge/ Flying Kangaroo Alliance/ (plus Becca O'Hara,  Andy Prescott and Tim Sketchley, Highly Strung)

"Music in the Garden", Green Place, Sileby - July 2011:  Julie Wright's Sileby Slappers, Mark Elliot, Fay Brotherhood, Tim Sketchley and Andy Prescott with Jan Robertson, Becca O'Hara and Chloe Singer, Mary-Anne Ratcliffe, Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra

Oxjam charity, The Criterion - Oct. 2009:   Jan Robertson & friends/ Sheila Mosley/ Smokey Grass Mountain Boys

Burns night, Y Theatre - Jan. 2009:   Kevin McCourt/ Andy Prescott/ Jan Robertson & Harkesh Farma/ John Hoffman/ Greenshoots Ceilidh Orchestra

'Outreach' at Criterion 2007:   Smokey Grass Mountain Boys

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